“A rebel at heart, a woman who freed herself to become the woman she wanted to be.”
A legend in her own time.

  1. Establish a voice for typographic expression
  2. Organize large amounts of type in the
    context of a multi-page document 
  3. Visual representation of Coco Chanel 

Everybody knows about Coco Chanel’s iconic designs — from the Gabrielle bag to the Double C earrings to the J12 watch — but do you know the story of the fascinating woman behind them?

Combining elements of her life and work, I crafted this immersive book that tells her story that is inspired by her timeless design aesthetic and modern touches.

While creating my moodboard, I decided to go through modernism culture and style, designers of the era of Modernism had strict, structured grid system with emphasis on negative space, just as important was the use of clean sans-serif type. The idea was to create strong graphics that were against commercialism, greed and cheapness.


︎︎︎ Choice of typefaces
︎︎︎ Grid and layout planning
︎︎︎ Information structure outlining
︎︎︎ Typographic hierarchy
︎︎︎ Color Scheme
︎︎︎ Cover, table of contents, content pages, chapter dividers, page numbers.