1. Shop Sign
  2. Cone Wrap
  3. Chalkboard Sign 
  4. Coffee Cups 
  5. Window Sign
  6. Bags and Napkins
  7. Ice Cream Pint 

︎︎︎ Hand sketching process always first
︎︎︎ Black and white digital exploration next
︎︎︎ Color scheme moodboard
︎︎︎ Final touches

This is my favorite ice cream shop in Miami. It’s always crowded, full of loyal clients like me. It’s not just an ice cream shop... They specialize in dietary products. The dictionary defines the word “diet” as a prescribed selection of foods. The first thing that comes to mind is weight loss. But weight loss is only one type of diet. Your diet maybe for allergies, diabetes, reduced carbohydrates, gluten free, low fat, salt free, vegetarian, sugar free, religious reasons the list goes on and on. Their mission is to offer their customers the finest selection of products to meet their dietary needs.