After what happened in Astroworld, where ten people died, and hundreds were injured, we realized severe measures must be taken at future events to prevent this from happening again.

ULTRA Music Festival created new ticket bracelets to help distressed people during the event.
The new bracelets are linked to the ULTRA app and include GPS location, reacting lights, and an emergency button.
To activate the bracelet, the person must enter their medical information into the app. If a person is in distress or endangered they can press the hidden emergency button on the bracelet to automatically send an exact GPS location for paramedics and police to respond.

While this happens, the bracelet of the person in danger changes to red, bracelets of people around will change to orange and the whole crowd to blue to help everyone realize someone is in trouble and can easily be found.

CREDITS Reyna Penhos AD ︎︎︎ Lisa Fernandez CW