Future Lions 2023


Since its founding, Volvo has been a brand that has put people first. They have made it their mission to make life safer, easier and better for everyone.

In 2023, we are asking young people to protect what is most important about our home planet – life itself. How can we pioneer the use of technology to protect people and make them feel safe?


Many city bikers don’t wear helmets, due to cost, convenience, or aesthetics.
“helmets are made to do one thing which is to help provide safety and protection from head injuries, and most importantly, prevent a potentially fatal one”


How do we empower cyclists to feel safe in cities that don’t look out for them?


We partner with VOLVO to pack the extensive safety features in their vehicles into SKYE -- a state of the art, helmet that keeps cyclists top of mind. 

︎︎︎ Madeleine Dodson AD  ︎︎︎ Catarina Sterlacci Designer ︎︎︎ Reyna Penhos Designer ︎︎︎ Claire Mirsky CW

  • Helmets reduce serious head injury by 60%
  • 79%t of those who were fatally injured between 2010 and 2017 were not wearing a helmet
  • 3 times more likely to die if injured while not wearing a helmet
  • Bicycle helmets prevent serious brain injury in 88% of serious crashes
  • Less than half of all bicycle riders wear helmets
  • Riders give many reasons for not wearing helmets. (uncomfortable, not socially acceptable, or unnecessary)
  • INJURIES: skull fracture, brain or head injury, contusions on the head

  • The idea must embody Volvo’s guiding principles: safety, quality and care for the environment. This year’s brief extends beyond the car. The idea should be a part of someone’s life, not part of a car.

  • Technology that could make it easier to move without constraints, inhabit the world more safely or live sustainably in a simple way.

  • The idea could remove stressors or enhance a living experience. 

  • Existing technology for a new meaningful application should be considered.

  • How do we make this technology or solution accessible?

  • It’s important that the tools to get to the solution limit the impact on the planet